Shade Shifter Sauce - Color Changing Action

Shade Shifter Sauce - Color Changing Action

The Shade Shifter Sauce includes one super simple and effective action for color changing. It's as simple as masking and choosing your color! That said, you should have a basic understanding of layers and masks, which anyone using Photoshop should have anyway!

Things to know:

  • To use any action set you should be proficient with the use of layers and layer masks in Photoshop. This product is not a substitute for learning how to use Photoshop and is a tool, not Photoshop education.
  • This purchase is NON-REFUNDABLE and non-transferable. 
  • The Shade Shifter Sauce (color changing action) is different from the Sorcery Sauce (background fixing actions), which is different from the Secret Sauce (finishing actions). 

Image by Marsha Pizarro Photography.