Hello Little Education


PLEASE SCROLL DOWN TO READ THE FAQ SECTION BEFORE JOINING! It will tell you all you need to know about what to expect. If you have any questions we missed, let us know!

Some location restrictions apply; see below.


Who are the teachers? Are they normal or a little...different?

Erin and Theresa (Rosebud) Rouse, the owners of Hello Little Props, are the course instructors. Combined, we’ve photographed well over 1000 newborns!

Fuck is our favorite word, we talk about sex quite a lot and we have what’s been called “dark humor.” We've been told these things make us atypical instructors...so if you offend easily, we encourage you to find instructors who are a little more your speed! While we may talk about weird shit sometimes and have some out-of-the-box teaching styles, we truly care about giving you useful content and making sure that your investment is worth every penny. 

So to answer the question of whether we're normal....you be the judge!

We’ve also hosted several guest teachers, including Marsha Pizarro, Kat van den Oever and The Newborn Nerds (Amy Guenther and Lindsey Stock). They’re the best of the best.

How many videos are included?

There are well over 100 videos included, covering just about everything we can think of as it relates to newborn photography! We have photographed about 40 babies live for this group since 2019. With each baby we discuss lighting, posing, angles, etc. and answer questions as they come! All of these videos are then organized for you so you can watch them again as needed or catch it for the first time if you weren't able to join us live. 

Additionally, we have many videos without babies present where we discuss posing, lighting, styling, workflows, business, editing, etc. You might see a live discussing some topic of interest from our living room, the car, the studio, anywhere. As you'll see, we don't worry about looking fancy...we worry about getting the point across!

Who can join?

People of all experience levels have found value in this course! Some members have never touched a newborn before, and some who come with loads of experience but have a love of continued education.

We do not allow anyone within a 50 mile radius of Calgary, Alberta, Canada to join.  

What's all covered?

Our primary focus is newborn posing and the many components that go into creating a successful session, including posing, lighting, styling, angles, editing, workflow, etc.

While we do share some business tips and discuss our experience running a successful portrait business, this is not a replacement for a business course. 

How long is my registration good for?

Your one-time registration gives you access to all past and future content. 

We reserve the right to revoke your access to the group and all related content with no refund if you’re found to be disrespectful to us or anyone else in the group. We value our drama free corner of the internet and plan to keep it that way!

We also reserve the right to revoke your access to the group and all related content with no refund if you share anything learned in the group from us or any guest teachers outside of the group. 

Basically if you’re cool and not a thief, you’ll have access to all of the content for as long as you want it. 

What's the video quality I can expect?

100% of the videos were recorded with an iphone via Facebook Live. This means that the videos are uncut, unedited, and not shot with beautiful bokeh, slow motion scenes and well-timed music. If the baby is crying, you’re along for the ride with us! You’ll have the ability to fast-forward through any crying, small talk or non-posing moments that you aren’t in the mood for. 

Our videos are not captioned at this time. If someone would like to volunteer to create captions on all the videos, that would be lovely.

For the love, please do not join expecting something different than described above.

How often is new content created? Do I have to watch the the Live session in real time?

We do not guarantee new content or schedule new content in any regular intervals. We have several years worth of content already available that all members have immediate access to.

That said, any new content/live videos will be announced via both Facebook and email.

You do NOT need to be present for any live session to have access to that video. We love when people can join us live for a more interactive experience, but it’s 100% not required.

Where can I access the content?

You will have access to both our private Facebook group and a separate platform that is accessible from both a browser and an app. In this additional platform, all of our Facebook videos are uploaded and categorized for easy searching and viewing. 

What if I want constructive criticism?

We encourage you to ask for CC in our Facebook group and for fellow group members to chime in! We in no way guarantee that any of our instructors or admins will provide regular or timely CC. 

How in depth do you go with your instruction?

We consider ourselves to be open books, but not every thought or tip is included in every single video. We’ve recorded hundreds of poses - and we couldn’t possibly repeat ourselves verbatim every time!

Additionally, some babies are wild little things so most of what you’ll learn in that type of video will come from watching how we handle those moments and what approach we take to completing the session. Some babies are easy peasy so we can make a ton of adjustments and talk in great depth about how to do (or not do) all the things to get that perfect shot. Because all babies are different, the videos will all be different. This is why we have just about every pose covered multiple times - watch them all!

We’ve also included some real client sessions where we don’t provide any instruction, but rather bring you in to watch from the sidelines. These are great for seeing what a true, full client session looks like for us!  

Am I guaranteed to get better at newborn photography if I take this course?

Hell no. And if anyone guarantees such a thing, they’re a damn liar! This is one of those “you can bring a horse to water, but you can’t make ‘em drink” kind of deals. We’ll share everything and anything we can think of with you, but it’s going to be up to you to apply what you’ve learned and practice. We can’t do the work for you, but we’re definitely here to help!