In the Fall of 2017 my wife, Erin, had the bright idea to start a small prop shop selling some posing fabric and painted buckets to our fellow newborn photographers out of the spare room in our basement. We were already running a pretty successful photography studio, but our recent switch to a high-sales-low-volume business model freed up enough time to take on a new project.

I, Theresa, was hesitant because I was enjoying our new found free time and didn't really know anything about the prop world or the e-commerce world. I just hoped we could make back our initial investment and maybe make a few extra bucks to fund Erin's deep love of prop collecting. 

In those first three months we sold more than we hoped to sell in a year, so we just kept going. We now ship thousands of items a month worldwide and have a team of about 20 people who help keep this train keep moving forward and on the tracks. Last year we launched our sister company, Hello Little Co, to help get babies dressed cute af and plan to add our own label to that shop soon. 

We have a billion ideas and it's truly a mystery which ones will come to life! Ultimately, our goal is to give you the very best shopping experience and provide products that will make your lives as photographers a little less challenging or a little more beautiful. 

Thanks for being here!

-Theresa & Erin (wives not sisters)