The Sorcery Sauce [Solid Background Extending + Fixing Action Set]


If you don't read this information, somewhere a unicorn will die. Save the unicorns! 


12/8/23 This action set should be used with Photoshop Version 25.0.0 this is the version of PS that we know has no bugs or issues at this time. 


Oh Oh Oh It's Magic (but NOT literally)! The Sorcery Sauce is an HLP Exclusive product and can only be purchased here at Hello Little Props. This is a Photoshop editing action set that helps to quickly and beautifully fix SOLID UNTEXTURED backgrounds and fabrics that have wrinkles or need to be extended in the image.


If you're the kind of photographer that loves seamless but hates the lumps, this is what you're looking for!


It is important that users be able to look critically at their own image and select the most appropriate action in the set to help solve that issue.


The Sorcery Sauce is ABSOLUTELY NOT designed to fix backgrounds with texture or scenery. It cannot fix issues that should have been taken care of during the session nor is it actual, literal magic. In some cases additional photoshop work WILL BE needed. 



Please watch the videos included in this listing and notice the way the action works on SOLID backdrops with room around the subject for the action to work with. 


NOTE: ALL Digital products are non-refundable and non-transferable (this means no sharing). 


Photoshop 2018 (v19.1.4) to 2023 (v24.5.0) 

To use this action set you should be proficient with the use of layers and layer masks in Photoshop. This product is not a substitute for learning how to use Photoshop and is a tool, not Photoshop education.


  • 14 actions for fixing solid/smooth backgrounds, whites (“bleach”), texture, banding and file saving. It does NOT do any overall color toning of your images.


    Image Credits:

    Sitter baby image 1 by Apple & Egg Photography.

    Maternity image 1 by Kelsey Freeman Photography.

    Maternity image with wings by Footsteps Photography.

    Baby tucked in by Jessica Bridgewater Photography.

    Baby with goat by Ashley Rae Photography.

    Ballerina by 


    Meadow & Ash Photography.

    Wrapped baby on green by Hello Little.

    Sitter baby on grey by 


    Meadow & Ash Photography.

    Hot air balloon image by Shelley Barrett Photography.

    Baby in heart bowl & moon bowl in video by Carrie McCaughtry Photography.

    Sitter baby in video by Wonderstruck Photographs.

    Images by 


    Crystal Lee PhotographyMeadow & Ash Photography & Hello Little


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