Some people get a deep sense of joy looking at all of their precious props and piecing together the most perfect items for a set up. There is a true art to it, and many people are artistically inspired by the process of styling for a session. 

Others don't have time for that shit. 

If you're in the "other" camp, then you need a Personal Propper. Someone to scan the shelves for you, pair items that work perfectly together and free up your brain to do the things in your business that bring you joy. 

Personal Propping is a service that we're offering to a very limited number of customers each week. Your Personal Propper will get direction from you and offer you a variety of options that you can choose to purchase. Want everything? Awesome. Want just a few things? That's fine too! 

There is a $50 fee to utilize this service, all of which will be applied to your final invoice. There's some fine print mostly centered around wasting your Personal Propper's time, so read through the listing before booking.

I'm ready to book a Personal Propper at Hello Little!