Featured Photographer - Amy Haehl

Featured Photographer - Amy Haehl

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This week, we are thrilled to feature Nurse. Wife. Mom. Shelbyville, IN Photographer.—

Amy Haehl
Coffee Creek Studio

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Let’s get to know our Featured Artist, Amy Haehl!

What genres are your focus?
I mainly photograph newborns, which also comes along with milestones and families. I have an associate who photographs weddings for me.

What is some advice you’d give to someone just starting out?
Invest in your education. Back when I started there weren't really any resources at all so I had to figure it out myself. I could have been much more efficient and saved soooo much money and stress if I'd had the education resources available today. 

What is some advice you’d give to someone who feels like quitting?
If it is truly your dream, never give up. I would also say reach out to a photographer who has been doing this for a long time for inspiration. I've been photographing newborns for 13 years and I have definitely had times when I thought about quitting. This isn't an easy job, especially in the world of social media where we can compare ourselves to others so easily. 

What do clients comment on most about your business/studio?
I usually have people tell me that it is such a wonderful experience and they love watching what I do. I always try to go above and beyond for every single client so they only have good things to say! They also love that they don't have to bring me anything but a baby with a full belly!

Do you give a client gift? If so, what is it?
Yes. I give them candy because it's my favorite! I also give them a wooden camera teether with my logo on it.

What’s your biggest challenge in this business? How have you worked to solve it?
My biggest challenge has been to find a great work/life balance. We have 5 children and my husband is a firefighter so it can be so hard to give my business everything it needs while also meeting the needs of my family. I don't know that this is ever a problem that is "solved", however coming to the realization that my time is worth something helped the most. If I take time for my business, it's sacrificing time from my family so I have to be very choosy of how I do that and make sure I'm making the income I need in that time. Creating a schedule has also been super helpful!


What is something you regularly screw up in a session?
I still forget to take my lens cap off...even after all of these years. 

What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you during a session?
I fell out of my chair recently during a session and felt like a complete fool haha. Luckily I wasn't holding a baby or anything!

If you could only do one pose with every baby until the end of time, which would you choose?
It's a little hard to explain, but it's basically huck fin but backlit. 

What’s the one pose you fear most?
I wouldn't say I fear it, but I've thought about eliminating the womb/taco pose from my worlkflow many times. It's just so hit or miss and parents rarely pick it. 

What’s your go-to baby soothing technique?
Shhhhhhhhhhhhh loudly.

What’s the longest client you’ve had?
13 years. I'm lucky to still be able to photograph some of my very first clients. 


Where do you see yourself / business in 10 years?
I hope to continue to specialize in newborn photography and mentoring/education while bringing on associates and assistants to help carry out the other business tasks. I'd love to get a point where I can have my business not "need" me as much. 

What’s something you wish you were better at?
Answering emails. I find it so hard to get to it and tend to put it off because I just want to edit cute babies. By the time I sit down in the evenings to answer emails I'm tired. And I'm not a morning person so getting up before the kids get up at 6 isn't easy for me either!

Editing. What do you do to pass the time: music, podcasts, ClubHouse, etc?
Did you see that part where I mentioned all of my kids?? I edit in silence whenever I can. 

Amy, we're so happy to have you as part of our HLP Family. Now, go get that silence you deserve!

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Speed Round. Ready, set, go!

Lightroom or ACR?

Make-up during a session?

IPS or all-inclusive?

Instagram or Facebook?

Wacom or mouse?
Wacom, 100%!

Laptop or desktop?

Solo or with assistant?

Home studio, travel, or commercial space?

Perfect studio temp?

Canon, Nikon, Sony or something else?

50mm, 35mm or something else?

Favorite aperture?

Best selling pose?

...and you make Bum-up look easy! Thanks for letting us into your photo-world, Amy! We adore your work!

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