Feature Friday - November 5, 2021

Feature Friday - November 5, 2021

Feature Friday continues! The quality of work coming through for this is absolutely ridiculous...as you can see. Keep reading to see what we love about these images, learn some bts info about the products and then follow all of these ladies on social media!

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Everlasting Bucket with Emma Painting Orange Bucket Hugger
This is one Erin's all-time favorite bucket huggers. It was hand-painted by a friend's teenage daughter (named Emma, if you couldn't guess that) and then digitized for hugger purposes. Carrie's styling choices with this hugger are literally perfect - the tones work beautifully together and the balance of the hugger, the pointy bonnet and the wrap all work seamlessly together to keep the focus on the baby.

Carrie McCaughtry


The Louis Litt | Betty White Drop and Wrap
Louis Litt | Betty White was a drop we released a few years ago and we were only able to restock it one time. It was a huge favorite for so many people! Luckily we've found a few equally as fuzzy and soft and wonderful white drops to replace it, but this one will always hold a special spot in my heart because it's one that Erin and I cut, folded, photographed, sold and shipped when it was just the two of us and didn't have a team behind us to help! Erin just walked over, saw this and said, "that drop is a blast from the past!" We especially love how Queenie posed this baby and made this really serene feeling set-up. This baby just looks so incredibly peaceful and content!

Queenie Lai


Rustic Bow Headband with Gorga Baby Spice Wrap and Drop
Baby Spice is one of those drops that inexplicably goes with basically every red or orange leaning accessory. Okay, that's probably an over-exaggeration, but it really does pop up as a great option for creating sets with all. the. time. Heather paired it with one of our Rustic Bow headbands which wasn't necessarily designed to go together, but still coordinates so well! This image is a beautiful example of how red doesn't have to be scary - it can be gorgeous, as evidenced right here. 

Heather Scott

Princess Joey Sweet Dreams Drop
When we first received a sample of this drop and used it, we looked at each other and thought "holy shit, it works!" We knew it could be cool, but in the product development phase you just never KNOW until you can see it in action. Well, this one worked and we've seen so many stunning images using it. I looooove the sleepy cap and bear Lori used with this drop - the whole set up is just so whimsical and sweet and innocent! 

Lori Dunbar


Laurita Groatmeal Drop
There is a special place in my heart for all things greige. Is it brown? Is it grey? I don't know why I love to ask this question so much, but when a greige drop shows up it instantly becomes a personal favorite. So when Julie used this drop and perfectly posed the baby with a perfectly placed hand on a perfectly round cheek....fuggetaboutit. (That's an appropriate thing to say here, especially since this drop is named after a famous family from New Jersey and tv tells me they say things like that. Ha!) 

Julie Freitas