Feature Friday -  December 17, 2021

Feature Friday - December 17, 2021

It's another Feature Friday! We've had SO MANY images to choose from (thank you all, keep 'em coming). This week, in honor of all your Bucket Hugger preorders being shipped, we're featuring a few images that making huggers look marvelous! 

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Carved Wood Bucket Hugger
I mean, look at this photo! How could you not just fall in love? That eye contact! (Please tell me the parents picked this one...) Valerie Clement Photography is using our Carved Wood Bucket Hugger. We love this one so much. This Hugger has a three-dimensional effect that adds a soft, classic texture to any set. I know we're featuring Bucket Huggers at the moment, but Valerie also used our editing tools All About That Base + Skinologie to create this STUNNING image. LOVE. IT.

Valerie Clement Photography


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Warm Floral Bucket Hugger
Well, this adorable Bucket Hugger feature shows our Everlasting Bucket isn't just for newborns—sitters please apply! This hugger is timeless. The warm tones are perfect for Fall and the florals themselves are Spring. An all-around a great collection piece. Baby girl seems to like it too! Anyone else want to just squish baby girl?! Too cute!

Liz and Grace Photography, Inc.

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Red Decal Bucket Hugger
'Tis the Season with this gorgeous image featuring our Red Decal Bucket Hugger. Yet again, another Hugger that is simply timeless. Use it around the Holidays for a festive flair or throughout the year. We love red, as it's pretty great for all skin tones and really makes baby pop! So precious, Jessica, thank you!

Jessica Oberg

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