The Everlasting Bucket - Reg $55 - Hello Little Props

The Everlasting Bucket


Included: The Everlasting Bucket. Huggers are sold separately. 

This is the LAST bucket you'll ever need for newborn photography. Together with our Bucket Huggers, our patent pending Everlasting Bucket Hugger System will allow you to have unlimited looks with just one bucket.

This will save you space, money and even time during sessions as you can change out the hugger while the baby is posed and get multiple looks!

THE EVERLASTING BUCKET IS NOT THE SAME AS OUR NAKED BUCKET. We have changed parts of the design to make applying the Bucket Huggers a much easier process. 

These buckets are handmade and designed to look like an aged bucket. As such, each bucket has slight variations, small imperfections, dents, etc. making each one unique. 

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