Shape Shifter | Spare Parts

Shape Shifter | Spare Parts

If you already have the complete Shape Shifter system and want extra pieces to make your lives easier, here is your chance to fill that need! 

You may purchase separately:

(1) Head Piece and/or (1) Foot Piece and/or (4) Lifters

These do NOT come with the how-to PDF that is included with the full set. It is HIGHLY recommended that you first purchase the complete set as all the pieces work together. Purchasing only 1 part or another will not help you achieve the same posing greatness!



Just a few Shape Shifter reviews...

I didn't have to stick a single burp cloth, bonnet, ripped rag or anything to get the poses I wanted!! Normally my other "things" move & slip around and just don't hold baby right! This shape shifter literally shifted the way I pose but in an awesome didn't know I needed it kinda way! The support it gives to the necks and butts without shifting when the baby wiggles is amazing!!!! SO happy I pulled the trigger and bought one even when I thought what I was using was fine! - Witney Estus 

I cannot believe how perfect the Shape Shifter is.  I rocked through my normal bean bag flow, plus additional poses, in about 30 minutes today. It was insane! I can't believe how easy it is to transition poses when your poser doesn't roll away from you. - Stephanie Bennett


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