Product Care & Info

All of our fabric backdrops come in 2 yard sections. The width varies from fabric to fabric, but it is typically about 5-6'. Matching wraps are 16" by the same width as the fabric, so also typically about 5-6'. 



  • Best practice is to always spot clean your drops where the baby unloaded, and then wash on cold/delicate. Hang to dry.
  • Drying in a machine can change the texture of your drop, so do so at your own risk!
  • Do not put pearl layers in your wash machine, even on the delicate cycle.



  • Store your huggers flat and stacked like with like (outside piece lined up perfectly on other outside pieces, and same for the inside pieces). 
  • Huggers have awesome self-healing powers. They are not indestructible, but if they have dents or bends, usually storing them with something flat and heavy on top of them (like a stack of other huggers!) and/or making sure they are warm will get them behaving again. 
  • If your huggers aren't hugging the bucket as much as you'd like, use your hands to put a little heat on them and push them onto the sides of the bucket. Usually this is all it takes!