I want bucket huggers, but can't find them on the site!

We do not keep bucket huggers in stock at all times for a variety of reasons. We do preorders every 2-3 months. Join our mailing list to be informed of the preorder dates!

Why don't you show pictures of your posing products?

We know, it's weird. You don't have to tell us. We made this choice a long time ago in an effort to A) keep the designs from the prying eyes of idea thieves and B) to encourage people to watch the videos we've posted so they know how to use them before they buy them. It's worked for us and thousands of happy purchasers, so we're going to keep doing things our own weird way!

Why don't you get more inventory so things don't sell out so fast?

We have shop updates with new releases and restocks every Monday at 3pm CT. We do this so people have a fair shot at getting the items they want most.

We don't, however, have a crystal ball (at least not one that works well). We don't always know what items are going to be hot, hot, hot and which items are going to take a month to sell out of. We do our best to get an appropriate quantity of items to support our customer base, but shit happens and sometimes there's not enough to go around.

Additionally, we have a paid education group that gets a 15 minute head start. It's a perk. 98% of the time, the early access folks don't wipe us clean of new products before 3pm. Some people get pissed about this perk, but we're not going take a promised perk away from those members. We stay true to our word!

The next question usually is about preorders. We're happy to do preorders for some items, but we don't want to do a preorder and not be able to fulfill your order for 6 months because you won't like that either. So we offer preorders when and if we know we can fulfill the orders in a reasonable amount of time.