OOPS! Rainbow | Bucket Huggers {Patent Pending!}


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  • Product Description

      OOPS! Rainbow huggers with two different defects at a discounted price.  

      075 - Rainbow has some very minor visual defects caused by an issue during the printing process.

      076 - Rainbow is missing the violet color from the rainbow. 

      Bucket Huggers are part of the patent pending Everlasting Bucket Hugger System.

      **Bucket Huggers are specially designed to work only with the Everlasting Bucket.**

      These do NOT fit exactly to the top and bottom of the bucket. There is a small gap that allows for easier application and bucket size variation.  This phenomenon is known as #gapgate in the FB group. 

      Confused about what a bucket hugger is? Join the Facebook group Hello Little Props & Friends and see the ANNOUNCEMENT POST for videos and tons of information about these products and more!

      Image by Katt van den Oever - Meadow & Ash Photography.